Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Today we went to the Europa Park which is only about 45 min away from Strasbourg. We got to the park and talked about the rules and what the times of when we will have to meet up again. The first ride we rode on was this rollercoaster in a big bubble that was very dark inside and looked like space! It was very cool. The next ride was the silverstar which is the biggest rollercoaster in Europe! I cant believe I had the guts to ride it! It was soooooo much fun, I loved it! It was not good because in the middle of the day I started to feel sick and I was very tired. But, that didnt stop me from rideing the great attractrions! We all met up again at the end of the day and headed back to Strasbourg. It was a ver busy but WONDERFUL day. When I come back to Europe I would like to go back when I feel alot better... I cant wait for tomorrow, Roman Bath House and pottery shop!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Today we went bowling, it was very fun but I am not good at bowling at all. After bowling me, Sacha, Rianne, and Clara went to a park near the bowling alley and we talked for a while and her mom bought us some pizza hich was very good! We then had to leave because Sacha and Clara had to go back to school. Rianne and I went to a shoe store near the Cathedrale called Bensimon. It is very popular here in Europe. We headed back to the school to meet up with the americans so we could leave for the parliament. It was really pretty inside. We had

4/6/09 PARIS!!!!

Today we went to Paris! It was absolutly stunning and very cool. We went to the Notre Dame, the Louvre, and of course the Eiffel Tower. It was cool because we got to go up the eiffel tower and see all of Paris from such a high view. Afterwards we went to the louvre and got to see Mona Lisa and other very famous art. It was great! At the end of the day everyone was very tired of walking so we headed to the train and left for Strasbourg. Itwas such a wonderful experience today. I want to go back and actually go to different shops and spend more time seeig it all.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


I have been very slack about writing in my blog, but one of the reasons for that this weekend is because I was in Switzerland in the beautiful Alps!!! They didnt have internet there. After the Obama speech me, logan, and jessica headed off with the Blattner family to the Alps =) It took 4 hours to get there. We slept almost the whole time up. That saturday morning when we woke up we headed off for a hike up the mountain. It was ver difficult because there was lots of snow and it was ver steep. The best part of he day was when we took the sleds down the mountain it was sooooo fun!!!! I think everone enjoyed it. Later that day a very nice family joined us. They had one boy that was 17 and a girl 15. They were so incredibly nice. We had a crazy time at night! We danced the whole night non stop. We then went to bed. The next morning I woke up to the msic blairing! We got up packed up and headed to a small village on the mountain it was very cute. We hen came back to the cabin and ate then said our goodbyes =( It was sad to leave. It was such a wonderful weekend! I want to come back to europe again and go back to the Alps and ski =)

See everyone tomorrow, its going to be a big day! PARIS HERE WE COME!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday March 31st

Today was a very busy day.  We left for school and met up with everyone.  Then we went to gym class with the French students and watched them run around in circles over and over again.  Some of us went up and did the activity with them!  We later went off to a Museum that was very interesting, it talked about the cold war and a bunch of other wars.  It was cool because the rooms looked like how it would look back then. After the museum we went to the concentration camp and we ate our lunch that our host families provided us.  Then we went around the camp and saw many different things that showed us what happened when that camp was going on. It seemed like it was a very difficult time.  So many people died there.  Afterwards we went and wrote about what we learned at the concentration camp.  Then we left again for school and then later we had a reception with the French.  They gave us Tshirts and we gave them a flag.  That is all we did today! It was very eventful!

Au revoir !

Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday march 30

Today I woke up and was very tired because I could not fall asleep last night! Sacha did not have to wake up until 8 and get to school at 9 , so her mother prepared a great breakfast with cresants and bananas and yogart. It is soo cool because my mom never has time to wake up and make breakfast. We left the house and went straight to school and met everyone there, it was great to see everyone after the long weekend. When we got to school we got a wonderful tour of St. Etienne. someof the younger students shared everthing about the school. After the tour we go welcome bags which was very nice of them to give to us. We then left school and went on a boat tour around Strasbourg. It was very cool how much we saw in that short of time. We then went to the cathedrale. It was very peaceful inside and beautiful! Then Mr. Schnitzler showed and told us everything to know about Strasbourg with the help of Ms. Ory. Then we went We ate shopping before lunch with me sacha Clara Rianne Gina and Sarah and got shoes. Some of us later ad to stay at school with our hostest because they had school until 6. We then took the tram home and ate MCDonalds it was a funny night with the family! they ae all sooooooo nice! See you all tomorrow!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Great day!

Today we got into Frankford around 430ish maybe?  It was so great because some of the students came to pick us up! We all were soooo happy to see each other again =) We left to go to strasbourg which is about 2 hours away and met up with our whole host family! Everyone was so nice and excited to see us.  I left with Sacha and her mother to the bakery type place and they had a cake made that said "WELCOME KATE" it was marvolous.  We then walked around Strasbourg.  The day ended with a concert that was crazy and a wonderful dinner!  and some more walking around Strasbourg =)